In 01/25/1997 was inaugurated  in the city do Recife–Pernambuco–Brazil the Institute of Exchange of the Spiritist Thought of Pernambuco (IPEPE), that has the following mission: "to interconnect the spiritist thought to the several areas of the human knowledge, collaborating for the citizenship and the peace".

Among your strategic objectives, we can detach the exchange of ideas and actions with all the areas of human activities, participating in an effective way in the necessary spiritual and social transformations of our society.

Now IPEPE is already acting, through your coordenadorias, in the education areas, health, juridical, young, institutional relationships for the citizenship and peace, partner-politics and humanities. Soon, as described in your own mission, it will be contemplating other areas of human activities. In your Strategic Plan, done for a horizon of five years, we can detach the following actions:

Address of  IPEPE: Rua Miranda Cúrio, nº 101, Encruzilhada, Recife-PE. CEP: 52041- 570
E-mail of IPEPE:  ipepe@ipepe.com.br